My Story: Democrat who became Republican!

I’m “Based Grandma”, a lifelong Democratic who voted for Trump and became a Republican in 2016 for the following reasons.

America was becoming more divided and since Donald Trump became President the division and hate in our country has increased in large proportions.  In my opinion, it’a not racist hate or hate between people of different backgrounds. It’s political hate that is steadily destroying our way of life and making it very difficult for President Trump to fulfill his promises to the American people.  The Democratic party has become the ” Party of NO” and negativity …. challenging every move and not cooperating with any suggestions.  This political hate is causing stress, violence, insecurity and is steadily expanding….following are some examples:

  1. There are late night hosts on TV who call themselves comedians but their ‘humor’ is mean, gross, hateful, disrespectful and not funny.
  2. There are many violent protests which cause injuries and disruptions rather than peaceful and respectful protests.
  3. The day of President Trump’s inauguration, Madonna went on TV and made a speech telling everyone that “many times she thought of blowing up the White House.”  I thought to myself…What happened to respect?
  4. The day of President Trump’s inauguration an e-mail was going around the internet (unfortunately I received this ugly message) It was asking women throughout the country to dress in black for this “day of mourning”.
  5. I still hear people saying “He’s not my president.”  Where is the respect!

Enough is Enough!

Maybe I’m just an optimist but I believe divided we go nowhere! United hopefully we can make America safer, stronger, and greater again. I believe Together we stand, divided we fall.

God Bless America!

20 thoughts on “My Story: Democrat who became Republican!

  1. Grandma – you give ’em heck! It is about time. First the Dumorats hate Comey then they love him! WTF!
    Bill 80 years young

  2. Hey Grandma,
    My name is Rufus. I am a Republican. Remember when Obama was giving out Obama Phones? I saw someone come into Best Buy demanding one. They thought she was nuts!
    Keep up the good work,

  3. Dear Grandma,
    I love your new site and will visit and comment often.

    I have a favor to ask – I heard President Trump tweets messages. I tried to join twitter but it is so confusing. Can you please share his comments on Based Grandma. I am sure I am not the only person who would read them here.

    Love Nancy G.

  4. Hey Grandma,
    I lost my healthcare cause of Obama Care Bullshit! Now I read he get $400,000 per speech! How about he gives some money to the poor people that can no longer afford health care.
    Pissed off Jimmy

  5. Hello Mam,
    I totally agree with your first article. What’s with these Liberals. F’in sore losers. Stop complaining!!!

  6. Hey Based G,

    When is President T going to spank that nut running North Korea?? I am sure his people will be thrilled and will rejoice in then square ala The Wizard of Oz for the North Korean rendition of, ‘Ding Dong the Witch is Dead’.
    You Go Girl!
    William Jamison

  7. What’s up Granny? Love your first post! Keep up the good work. Lotta people here in Kentucky got your back.

  8. Hi Grandma,
    It’s Barbara from Boca,
    I need your advice – the faklemp fools at the pool are cursing me for supporting President Trump. I am depressed. What should I do?
    Love Babs

  9. Dear Grandma Betty,

    We were talking about politics last Thursday in college political science class. I defended our President and this other student ridiculed me mercilessly. What should I have told her?
    Thank you – Mark H.

  10. Can I call you Granny? We are so happy you came to the Republican Party. How can we help you get the word out to the world?

  11. Hi Based Grandma,
    I think it is great how you are standing up to the Democrats. Can you please sell me a tshirt. I would be proud to wear it.
    Bless you,
    Sheldon Krieshower
    Alaska, USA

  12. Grandma,
    Why don’t you run for a local office on the Republican ticket! We would all vote for you.
    Anita Panzein

  13. Good evening Based Grandma,

    Great site! When is your next article going to be published? Can you let us know if you like that Hillary Clinton. She is a such a sore loser. She said if the election was October 17th should would be President. Yikes!

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