Tues. Dec. 11th White House meeting!

Tuesday Dec. 11th, President Trump invited Democrats Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to the White House to discuss cooperation and ways to secure our Borders! It’s time for Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to drop their blind opposition and work together with President Trump to keep our Country strong, protected and safe!

Watching the White House meeting I was shocked at the rudeness shown to President Trump by Schumer and Pelosi!!

In 2009 Schumer said “We must strengthen our borders with no Illegal immigration, and strong borders for the safety and well-being of all American citizens”!!

In 2018 Schumer is totally Anti-Trump…He never looked directly at the President but looked the other way with a ‘smirk’ on his face while President Trump tried to discuss the importance of Strong Border Security for America and all the citizens of our Country!!

Nancy Pelosi didn’t seem at all interested in what was going on at the meeting since she’s in favor of ‘open borders’, illegals, sanctuary cities, etc.!

It’s interesting that the Democrats and former President Barack Obama gave 150 billion dollars to Iran and got nothing!

America needs ‘5 billion dollars’ for our National Security and there is no cooperation in sight from the Anti-Trump team of Schumer, Pelosi or the Democrats to cooperate!!

Friday, Dec. 21st at midnight is the last day to negotiate for the Border!

A Country without Border Security is not safe, is not protected, and the citizens anxiously waiting for Strong Border Security will be the Losers!!!!

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