Happy Thanksgiving!!

Today is Thanksgiving! It’s a day of giving Thanks and Gratitude for our wonderful Country and for our freedom!

I am thankful to our President Donald Trump who is dedicated and devoted to cleaning the Washington swamp….. He is working diligently and persistently with his team on his positive agenda for tax reform, healthcare reform, infrastructure, a border wall for protection against drugs and terrorism, etc. President Trump is dedicated to making America Stronger, Safer, and Greater Again!!

However, President Trump is constantly challenged by a leader from the DNC, namely Charles Schumer.
In my opinion, Charles Schumers’ only agenda is being “anti-Trump”, negative on every issue that President Trump initiates.

For the Thanksgiving holiday Mr. Schumer wrote a very negative and nasty message on TV trying to destroy President Trumps’ Tax Reform program.

That is why, with the holiday season of 2017 I believe a very fitting name for Mr. Schumers’ “anti Trump agenda” and his attitude —– is “Scrooge” !!

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