Border Security

Yesterday, Democratic leader Charles Schumer (NY) said, “A House-Passed spending bill providing $5.7 billion for a border wall and border security is dead-on-arrival in the Senate!

Schumer continued, ”In order to reopen the Gov’t President Trump must abandon the wall, plain and simple”!!

Schumer then said, Abandon your shut down strategy President Trump…… You are not getting the wall today, next week or on Jan.3rd when Democrats take control of the House”!

Schumer said, “State Democrats would not support border-wall funding, period!!

In my opinion, Charles Schumer’s a ‘small man’ with a very big ego.!!!

President Trump has tried to explain that our great Country ‘Must’ have border security to remain safe and secure! We don’t want people coming in who aren’t supposed to be here. We want people to come in through a legal process! It’s very dangerous out there. Drugs are pouring in, human trafficking, so many different problems, including gangs, illegal border activity,et

A Country without a Border is chaotic and not sustainable!!

In my opinion, We should back away from all the ‘bickering and nasty party politics’, find middle ground and agreement, and work together in Unity to develop the Strong and Safe Border Security program all Americans deserve!!

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