Another Illegal Border Murder!

Ms. Pelosi, you did it again!! Another one of your ‘open border’ illegal immigration policies just caused a shooting in Calif. that killed a young police officer and left his 5 mo. old baby fatherless and his young wife a widow!!

All for party politics which defied cooperation with Schumer and Pelosi to install strong southern borders AND border Walls so that American Citizens could live protected, safe and secure with no illegal interference!!

President Trump has worked very hard to find common ground for the good of our Country and our Citizens but Schumer, the ‘little man’ with the ‘Big Ego’ seems to put it this way. In 2009 Schumer and former President Obama were for strong borders, strong border walls and strong immigration policies….

That was until 2017 when Donald J. Trump became President! One of President Trump’s most important policies was developing a strong southern border, strong border Wall and strong Immigration policies!!

As soon as President Trump told the Country about his plans….Schumer had this to say:
‘No Border Walls, No Southern Border, not tomorrow not ever’!!… Schumer has refused to cooperate and find common ground for the good of Americans and for the good of our Country!!

When President Trump first recommended Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, Schumer came out rushing to tell anyone who would listen that he would ‘fight’ Kavanaugh’s nomination and work to never let it happen!

He had no facts, just a lot of rumors and fake news!

In my opinion, Party Politics do not belong in the House, in the Senate OR in America!!

The only thing that matters is the Safety, Security and Good Will to keep our Country Safe, Strong, and Protected!!

Can Party Politics and the Schumer/Pelosi Anti-Trump game overshadow what America needs….A Secure Border and Strong Border Walls for All Americans… Will it happen??

…Only time will tell!!

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