The Democratic party of No and Negativity!

The Democratic party’s agenda of negativity, aimed at destroying President Donald J. Trump and his supporters, is not working. Thankfully, the Democratic party of No and Negativity is unsuccessful and not accomplishing their selfish goals. President Trump’s agendas, policies and goals to add jobs, strengthen the economy, reform taxes, develop new infrastructure, keep terrorists out of the USA, are goals that are resonating with most Americans. Today President Trump introduced and signed the VA Accountability Bill to better help our veterans lives and to “make America great again”. All of these achievements and goals have brought about new election wins and success for President Trump and the Republican party in 5 states including Georgia and Louisiana.

Johnny Depp…

I thought the media couldn’t get any worse after Kathy Griffin, Madonna, the Central Park Julius Caesar production co. disgrace! But now… along comes Johnny Depp chattering on TV and media about assassinating a sitting President of the USA… This is over the top and beyond belief!! Everyone cherishes free speech. But is this free speech?? When did respect become abuse?? When did chatter become dangerous, destructive and offensive?? When did culture become vulgar and uncivilized?? When will the HATE end??

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