Emmy Awards!

Sunday evening, Sept. 17th was the date of the 2017 Emmy Award show! I decided not to watch what I suspected would be a “hate President Trump and his supporters disaster.” Relying on my judgement I didn’t watch the show!

Online, the next day I read all the details of the Emmy’s, the low TV rating and what I missed! Who would want to watch a show where presenters have nothing better to do than get in their best finery and act disrespectfully, laughing at embarrassing “unfuuny” jokes and comments against President Donald Trump.


1. Jane Fonda, who was joking about an ‘enemy’ in her 1980 movie 9 to 5, where the ‘enemy’ was a sexist, lying, hypocritical bigoted romp.  Sounded to me like the real “Hanoi Jane” from Vietnam… and that was very ‘unfunny’!!

2. Julia Dreyfus in all her finery, spouting humor about a President Trump impeachment. Was that supposed to be “humor” or Ms. Julia’s wishful thinking?

3. Steven Colbert… What can I say about a man who tells “unfunnies” and makes them the butt of his so-called humor and his nazi salutes

4. I was surprised to hear Donald Glover, a very talented and privileged person give a back-handed “Thanks”, which was actually a pathetic slap by insinuating black people were #1 on the “most oppressed list.” He continued saying, “He’s (meaning Pres. Trump) is probably the reason I’m up here today.”

I call this a “total untruth.” Americans come in ALL COLORS… Black, White, Yellow…. whatever!! It does not matter… We Are All Americans and Equal! I believe Mr. Glover should be more gracious in a country where Americans are not judged or treated on the basis of color… but on character!! I have friends and people I admire and follow on TV who are Black, White, Asian, Muslim, etc.

I have heard President Trump discuss his beliefs in Equality for All Americans… and He has said many times that “we all bleed the Same Red Blood”

We don’t live in the Democratic States of America
We don’t live in the Republican States of America
We live in the wonderful United States of America

Let’s put aside our differences and look to the future and Make America Safe Again, Make America Strong Again and: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN for ALL AMERICANS

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