MSM and First Lady Melania Trump’s Shoes!!

News Flash!!! The “Whining” MSM are consumed with their latest headline of the day…… “First Lady Melania Trump wore high heels on the plane to Texas!!”

I don’t think the “whining” MSM added that in Texas Melania changed into her sneakers and walked with President Trump to view the devastation first hand and show solidarity with the people of Texas!!

In the ridiculous world of MSM their “news flash” detailing shoes was very important!!

In the Real World Americans were focused on watching and praying for relief from the devastation, floods and disasters that Hurricane Harvey was creating: Texans were losing their homes, their comforts, their safety, families were walking in wast high water each day bravely facing unbelievable challenges.

I am proud of President Trump and First Lady Melania for flying to Texas to support and stand with Texans in solidarity giving hope, strength and assuring Texans that our President and First Lady are with them all the way to recovery and a bright future!!

In my opinion, contrary to MSM… it’s not what’s on a person’s feet that’s newsworthy…. but what’s in their heart and how they choose to live!!

For me, it’s in unity, standing together with all victims of the Texas storm and praying for their future: thanking all the heroes who have been tirelessly helping victims of the storm and giving them courage and hope as they go forward.

The victims of this storm will eventually rebuild their lives, their homes and their future… and we should keep them in our prayers and good wishes all the way through the Recovery!!!

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