Trump, Schumer, Brett Kavanaugh

The totally Anti-Trump Chuck Schumer said he vows to oppose President Trump’s selection of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court with “everything I’ve got”!! On this same issue regarding the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, Taylor Foy, a spokesman for Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, made the following remark: “The Democrats are trying to “smear” Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh”! Taylor Foy continued: “After Schumer ‘s bizarre and inaccurate fearmongering and deception that democrat leaders are deploying to ‘smear’ a well-qualfied nominee to the Supreme Court and to obstruct the vetting process”!! He added that “None of this changes

Candace Owens…. Tim Ryan

Nancy Pelosi refers to Tim Ryan, a Democratic party leader, as ‘Inconsequential’!! Mr. Ryan is considering running for Congress in the November 2018 midterm election!! Here are some other of Nancy Pelosi’s recent political highlights and comments 1) She advocates Sanctuary Cities. 2) She advocates Open Borders. 3) She advocates abolishing I.C.E.- the agents who keep American citizens safe from illegal and criminal activities. 4) She believes proposed tax reform is ‘Crumbs’. 5) She believes a letter from Pelosi and Schumer supporting Maxine Waters ‘uncivil’ and ‘unAmerican’ actions against Trump Cabinet members and Officials to illegally keep them out of

Candace Owens and ‘Turning Point USA’

Candace Owens serves as Communications Director for “Turning Point USA”. “Turning Point USA” will be launching a “Major Project’ in the next few weeks to help foster a “great awakening” among urban voters about the true record of conservatism! Thursday, July 5th, Candace Owens said that Maxine Waters, D-Cal, was “patently wrong” to call for harassment of President Trump’s Cabinet members and political officials. Ms. Owens predicted a “Major Black Exit” from the Democratic Party in the 2020 election! Last month during a political rally in Los Angeles Maxine Waters said: “Let’s make sure we show up, wherever we have