Mad Max Waters does it again!

Maxine Waters..Who I call “Mad Max” for short is a prejudiced Racist. She is intolerant of everything President Trump has accomplished, or said. She uses the term “Impeach Him” whenever she is visible! Her personal Racist views on all issues are disgraceful, harmful and destructive to our great Country.

President Trump has been working very successfully since taking office! He has increased employment for All Races, downsized unemployment for All Races, brought about tax reforms for All Races, upgraded veterans administration conditions for All Races, hired excellent cabinet members to work for All Races!!

He has tried every way to Unify and Strengthen our Country for citizens of all races and color

Since President Trump was inaugurated “Mad Max” looks for any foolish reason to divide people by color and constantly call for President Trump’s “Impeachment”!

After one year there is absolutely no collusion and no obstruction of Justice with Russia, and there are no credible grounds for ‘mad Max” Impeachment antics.

She recently claimed on the House floor that people of color are often discriminated against while trying to get car loans. She continued by saying that the auto industry thinks women are ‘stupid’, don’t know how to negotiate a loan and have also been taken advantage of… “As a known Racist she will probably continue these baseless Impeachment speeches without credibility!

How does this very biased Racist woman intent on dividing our Great and United States of America keep getting elected to office??

I’m still trying to figure it out!!!

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