Aug. 9th State Dept. Press Briefing

On Aug. 9th, I watched the State Dept. Press Briefing. Heather Nauert was the Spokesperson from the State Dept. She was very effective in explaining the North Korean severe missile crisis and President Trump’s strong message to North Korea regarding the situation.

Ms. Nauert explained to the reporters at the press briefing that General James Mattis, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the State Dept. were all aware of President Trump’s strong message to North Korea and in total agreement with President Trump on the necessity of getting ‘tough’ with the enemy. “The only response this enemy understands.”

However, the journalists in the room had varying opinions… second-guessing the situation… Not knowing inside facts and yet criticizing the situation. One said too obsessive, another too strong, etc. These individuals don’t have the high security and classified information necessary to assess the problems effectively and are just causing confusion and disfunction which in turn makes progress more difficult.

Every action President Trump has undertaken since his inauguration has been second-guessed, criticized and filled with ‘fake news’ and rumors, including Russian rumors with no facts of collusion or obstruction… just ‘babble’!

I have never in past presidencies seen this kind of extreme negative behavior dumped on the President for purely political reasons and with NO FACTS!!

President Trump has a most brilliant staff including General Mattis, Sec’y of State Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions, many excellent cabinet members,etc; and I believe they will go forward without outside second-guessing and criticizing and they will effectively find the best solutions for the North Korean threat! And with President Trump and his team they will go forward and Make America Great again!!

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