California’s Representative on the 43rd district is busy working to Impeach President Donald J. Trump!

I have been hearing that Democratic Representative Maxine Waters is working to Impeach President Donald J. Trump!

What is her platform:

1) The stock market since President Trump took office is at an all time high! Does Ms. Waters not approve??

2) Thanks to President Trump the job market is very high… many more people are back to work. Is this one of her reasons for impeachment??

3) The monthly unemployment figure is very low…about 4% I would hope, Ms.

Waters, you would find that another plus??

4) President Trump has added an excellent new member to the Supreme Court who believes in following the Constitution of our United States. Hope this addition isn’t another reason to impeach??

5) The NYTimes just posted another big lie!! This one about Vice President Mike Pence planning to run for President in 2020… Vice President Pence is furious with this lie and has vehemently denied it!! Is this lie a reason for impeachment??

President Trump is working this week through his work-vacation going to meetings with his agenda to “make America great again” and to keep our country and all Americans safe from world terrorism… North Korea, Iran, Syria, etc.

President Trump’s agenda has promised added infrustructure, lower taxes and of course, better health care. However, he is having difficulties with the MSM and some very negative and uncooperative Democratic party members who put politics before the American people. There are ugly leaks, fake news, unsubstantiated rumors of collusion/obstruction with Russia……NO FACTS!!

Ms. Waters, I believe it would be better to wait for Special Consul Robert Mueller to conclude this investigation…..when all the results are in and we have the results of this long and trying time…We can hopefully work together to ‘Make America Great Again” not for just Democratic Americans and not just for Republican Americans….But for each and every American living in our wonderful country!!

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