I am OUTRAGED at the disgusting garbage a writer from “The Daily Beast” wrote referring  to President Donald Trump’s Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, as a “Butch Queen.”  Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a lovely, very bright young woman,a wife, a mother and the well brought up daughter to Gov and Mrs. Mike Huckabee. What does it take to make someone so mean-spirited, creating disgusting untruths and low level insults just to get their name in print?? I read that this garbage came from “The Daily Beast”…. A very  appropriate name for this fake news trash! I almost feel sorry for

Feeling Very Positive!!

I’m feeling very positive about Anthony Scaramucci’s new position as WH Communications Director. I believe Mr. Scaramucci will separate truth and facts from untruths, fake news and rumors surrounding President Trump, his administration, his family, and his agenda. Anthony Scaramucci is a fighter for facts and truth and will be a great asset to President Trump in separating fact from fiction and finding out the truth in situations and fraudulent statements. Mr. Scaramucci was instrumental in bringing out the truth about a CNN fake news story and as a result of that investigation 3 CNN employees were fired. Great Work!!

Robert Mueller – Special Consul Investigating the Russian Situation!

Russia, Russia, Russia….The Democratic Party and the MSM (also known as Main Stream Mess) are obsessed with unsubstantiated news, rumors and false comments….such as: “Rumors of Collusion and Obstruction ” — (no facts!)” “Democrat Working on Bill to Impeach the President” “The President’s son being investigated for treason after being at a meeting with some Russians for 20 minutes.” Now for the facts: Former FBI agent Robert Mueller is the Special Consul recently selected to oversee the investigation of our President, his son Donald Jr’s Russian involvement, and the previous administration’s Obama/Clinton involvement with Russian activity. When Mr. Mueller concludes

“Celebrate Freedom” Rally – honoring our war veterans, the VA, and the Armistice Day July 4th celebration and holiday!

I watched the “Celebrate Freedom” rally last night televised from Kennedy Center in Washington,DC. It was a wonderful celebration honoring our war veterans,the VA, and the Armistice Day July 4th celebration and holiday! “Celebrate Freedom” was a message of hope for a stronger, healthier and safer future for all Americans. President Trump’s agenda and promises to the American People to “Make America Great Again” is showing astonishing results in a very short time. Our country is showing an increase in jobs, lower unemployment, a growing economy, stock market growth, passage of the excellent VA Accountability Bill for a stronger and