Charlottesville, Va. …. Saturday, Aug.11th

On Saturday, Aug. 11th, at a rally in Charlottesville, VA. white supremacists, kkk members,neo-nazis and klu klux klan members clashed with counterprotesters about taking down statues of confederate General Robert E. Lee that were in Charlottesville, Va. parks.

The protest got out of hand and became violent fighting between the protesters and anti-protesters. Bottles and other objects were thrown and it became an unlawful mess. A car, driven by a 20 yr. old suspected nazi sympathizer ran over a 32 yr. old young lady who was visiting the park with her family and was killed in the incident. The driver also drove through the rally injuring and hospitalizing 19 innocent victims.

President Trump made a speech Saturday condemning the event and calling it an act of hatred and bigotry and that violence has no place in America and will not tolerated.
However, Pres. Trump failed to mention some specific groups of protesters by name and he was criticized and condemned by some people for the omission… There was a great deal of upset and confusion going on Saturday…. and his speech was short but very much to the point.

Monday morning, Aug. 14th, President Trump came on TV to speak again about the Charlottesville, Va. protest and to assure the country that this hatred would not be tolerated. He spoke of a Civil Rights Investigation which will be ongoing to make sure something like this is never repeated. He named the White Supremacists , the KKK, the neo-nazis’, and other hate groups, and claimed racism in any form is evil.

President Trump’s followers and people who believe in his policies will understand and accept his explanations. From the day he took office he’s devoted himself to fulfilling his Agenda. He’s increased the job market greatly, many more people back to work, the unemployment numbers are much lower, the Stock Market is much higher, he’s made excellent choices for the Supreme Court, the FBI, the Attorney General Session, Sec’y of State Rex Tillerson, General Mattis, and many other team members.

However, I’m sorry to say I feel there will be certain groups who will never accept President Trump or let him do his job with his cabinet and not be criticized for whatever he attempts. These are people who hate: MSM, most Democrats, people spreading fake news, rumors, untruths! ….They are eager to see him fail!!
The people who voted for the President like myself are eager to see him succeed and to “Make America Great Again'”

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