President Trump’s Christmas holiday!

President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump and family spent Christmas holiday at their Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. Many Police officers, Secret Service and Military people were assigned to security duty with the President in Florida for a “working Christmas holiday’!! The entire security staff were treated to “full Christmas dinners” at the request of President Trump! All expenses for the Christmas Dinners for the entire security staff (all shifts) were paid for privately by the President from his pocket! President Trump has a great respect for law enforcement and a very positive, genuine and gracious relationship with his Police,

The FBI Mueller Investigation

Thanks to President Donald J.Trump, America is moving forward in a very positive way!! The Stock Market is moving forward at incredible speed, employment is flourishing with a high rate of employment, unemployment is very low.. less than 4%, and the new tax reform bill has just been approved!! Going forward, President Trumps’ agenda includes:: building the wall to prevent illegal immigration, increasing much needed infrastructure, increasing much needed military supplies, etc. !! Sadly, since President Trumps’ inauguration one year ago President Trump is still being investigated non-stop by Democratic special counsel Robert Mueller looking to find any collusion with


In my opinion, when women suddenly come together many years after accusing men of ‘groping’, ‘kissing’ or ‘touching’ them… and the women didn’t take action immediately after the original incident… I question the whole mess!! I would think a group of accusing women who were ‘groped’, ‘kissed’ or ‘touched’ unwillingly would go forward ASAP after the incident to legally press charges,demand to be heard in court and demand legitimate legal results from both sides of the allegations and issues. These women waited 10 to 30 years to tell their stories and demand “justice”!!… We are currently in the midst of

Chelsea Handler

I never heard the name ‘Chelsea Handler’ until a few days ago when former Gov. Mike Huckabee was on TV talking about his daughter Sarah Huckabee Sanders, our national Press Secretary. I was shocked to hear the vicious, low-life way Ms. Handler insulted Mike Huckabee’s daughter about her looks and called her untrue obnoxious, hateful names: ‘Harlot’,”Trollop, etc.” Ms. Handler went on babbling like a fool as she continued her pathetic tirade!! She criticized Sarah Sandler’s false eyelashes, her lipstick, all the things Ms. Handler probably dwells on as the most important things in life!! Curious about this nasty lady…I

Another “Sanctuary City” Murder!

Thursday, November 30th, 2017 was a very sad day for America! It was a day of shock and disbelief! It was the day that Jose Garcia Zarate, (previously using other aliases}, an illegal immigrant on trial for the senseless and horrific murder of Kate Steinle was found “not guilty” of this senseless, disgraceful crime and set free. Shocking!! Kate Steinle, 32 years young was killed on July 1st, 2015. She was at the San Francisco pier with her father enjoying a beautiful summer day. It was the day Mr. Zarate shot her in the lower back and killed her!! Before

A Shameful Stunt!!

On Nov. 28th, President Trump had a meeting scheduled at the Capitol Building in DC with Charles Schumer & Nancy Pelosi to discuss a much needed tax reform bill. As President Trump was on his way from the WH to the Capital to attend the meeting…. Schumer and Pelosi came on TV deciding last minute to not come to the table and attend the meeting!! How rude, how disrespectful and how unprofessional!! Schumer & Pelosi are Democratic obstructionists, weak on crime, weak on taxes, weak on immigration…. and their latest stunt is a shameful and obvious ploy! Charles Schumer went