1) Maxine Waters Birthday…2) Marsha Blackburn

1)  Happy Birthday, Maxine Waters! President Trump wished Rep. Maxine Waters a Happy 80th birthday today (Aug.15th) with a ‘snarky twist’ B-Day greeting!!  Trump tweeted, “Happy Birthday to Maxine Waters, the leader of the Democratic Party.  Waters isn’t the leader of the Democratic Party, but she is a leading critic of the President! During a recent MSNBC interview Waters said her birthday wish would be to have President Trump removed from office!! The two have exchanged barbs in the past, with Waters repeatedly calling for Trump’s impeachment and Trump calling her a ‘low IQ person’!!   President Trump has previously described

Mark Levin vs Robert Mueller

Thursday Mark Levin, Lawyer, Author, TV & Radio host blasted special counsel Robert Mueller! Mr, Levin said “Robert Mueller is a greater threat to this republic and the constitution than anything Vladimir Putin did during the campaign, and I’m no fan of Vladimir Putin. Mueller is threatening to take down a President of the United States”!! Mr. Levin pointed out that Trump is not a witness to a crime, that he is “not a target” of the investigation, that he cannot be indicted…and that he cannot be questioned by a “subordinate”, such as Robert Mueller. Addressing Mr.Mueller directly, Mark Levin

Bill Maher and his “Maher Recession”!!!

Bill Maher has been telling his TV audience that he is “hoping for a recession if it means getting rid of President Trump.” Maher continues his self-centered comments in total disregard of others…..”I feel like the bottom has to fall out at some point and by the way”, Mahers continues, “I’m hoping for it because one way you get rid of Trump is a crashing economy. So please bring on the recession” he added. “Sorry if that hurts people but it’s either root for a recession or you lose your democracy””!! Maher has let his audience know exactly how he

She’s At It Again!!!

In a fiery speech at First AME Church in Los Angeles Maxine Waters claimed that “God has sent her to fulfill the mission of impeaching President Trump”!! Addressing her crowd of supporters, Waters pledged that she had every intention of tackling the job that God had apparently dispatched her to complete, further asserting, “When God sends you to do something, you just do it”!! Waters previously “promised to fight every day until President Trump is impeached”! She even adamantly refused to attend President Trump’s Inauguration. She continued her vicious and ridiculous tirade of bitterness and negativity by quoting more nonsense,