The Fake Dossier


Since winning the Republican Presidential election President Trump is appreciating a very impressive agenda with many reforms, successes and accomplishments! He’s also promised to “clean the Washington swamp” & build a Southern border wall for protection for all Americans! He’s very willing to work with the Democrats to keep 1.8 million illegal DACA children in the USA as long as the Democrats agree to the other half of the deal which is President Trump’s campaign promise to his constituents to build the Southern Border Wall to protect All American citizens!! To me, that’s a very fair and generous offer!

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party have been in shock since they lost the election!! They started looking for a way to change the results and undermine President Donald Trump!!

Hillary Clinton and the Democrats connected with a British spy, Christopher Steele, who wrote a Fake dossier claiming Russian collusion and obstruction in the White House!! Steele hated Donald Trump and was ready to use any untruths to ruin his Presidency!

The dossier was paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party and shown to a few high ranking FBI agents of very questionable character. These few agents then brought the dossier to the FISA Court where it was accepted as fact and signed off for investigation of collusion and obstruction of justice between Russia and President Trump!

The FISA Judges were not aware that the dossier was a Fake memo with no collusion, no obstruction of justice…. Just Hillary Clinton and the Democrats undermining and trying to defeat the President by any untruthful means they could produce!

Since FISA was accepted for surveillance by the questionable few FBI agents…Democrat Robert Mueller was hired as special counsel to look for collusion or obstruction. In almost 2 years looking, searching, hoping….There is No Collusion,there is No Obstruction ….There is only fake accusations and false rumors….

Now there is talk that Mr.Mueller would like to meet with President Trump for more talk …. I agree with Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the House, and many other Americans who believe Mr. Mueller invested a lot of time, money and may look for an “I Gotcha Moment”!!

In my opinion the motto::
‘Enough is Enough’ strongly applies to this situation!!

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