I am an 89 year old grandma. I was humiliated and had no choice but to leave my beloved evening coffee club when liberal ‘friends’ made it a political soapbox. Devastated and nearly brought to tears, I picked myself up and launched BasedGrandma.com, a liberal crushing, fire-and-fury Make America Great Again blog.

Evening coffee club was such a nice, comfortable, non-political place to socialize. It was so important to my life. Somehow the rules changed after the election of President Donald J. Trump. The ‘know-it-all’ Trump hating liberals could not resist turning a friendly social gathering into a one-sided political tirade. There came a point when I could no longer listen to their fake news and phony baloney lib-nonsense.

I have never been one to run from a challenge. In the late 90’s I became disgusted when searching for a peach pie recipe on the Internet. I ended up getting thousands of pornographic results about women named Peaches. I spent long days and late nights filling 11 legal pads with over 1,000 valuable web pages. I published them on a website safe for seniors. My efforts helped thousands of seniors world-wide.

I am now taking on an even bigger challenge. I have the energy and desire to ‘right’ what is ‘left’ of our great country. I stand with my President and will do everything I can to ‘Make America Great Again’. I promise I am up for this fight. I am in this for the long haul. I am not going to stand silently and watch our country be destroyed.

I will call out liberals and make them accountable for their statements and actions. I am not afriad to call out the idols of the left, such as ‘Crooked Hillary’, Maxine ‘Mad Max’ Waters, Chuck ‘Cryin’ Schumer, Nancy ‘Sanctuary City’ Pelosi, Joy ‘Joyless’ Behar, Jimmy, ‘The Bully’ Kimmel and many others!

President Trump has successfully made outstanding improvements in many areas since taking office and has made very successful choices:

America is now enjoying high employment, very low unemployment, many tax reforms, upgraded veterans administration benefits, excellent Supreme Court choices, etc.

President Trump’s Agenda also includes:

– “Cleaning the Washington Swamp” and creating Borders to control immigration to keep America safe!
– We cannot succeed without Border control!
– We cannot succeed while burning American flags, disrespecting our national anthem, and acting out violent and hateful behavior!!

We Have a Choice, tt’s never too late.

We can Unite! We are the United States of America and only working together “United” will we find Victory and Peace for ALL!