President Barack Obama & President Donald Trump

For decades there has been an American tradition that presidents would not verbally attack their predecessor!!

But Obama is not one for tradition, especially American tradition!

This past Friday morning former President Barack Obama tried to take credit for President Trump’s booming economy. In August 2018, 201,000 jobs were just added to the already amazing economy.

Also just added to the economy in August 2018 were very low unemployment figures (3.9%)!

President Trump has an amazing successful record since taking office of adding many outstanding features, such as: noteworthy tax reforms, upgraded Veteran’s Administration achievements, border walls to keep All American citizens safe from illegal immigration, outstanding Supreme Court Judge Neil Gorsuch and great Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh! Many future features are also being planned!!

Meanwhile, this past Friday morning former President Barack Obama came on TV to campaign for the Democrats in the MidTerm election. Obama got testy with President Trump’s policies and tried to spar with President Trump!!

But, there may by more to Obama’s verbal offensive remarks than just jealousy!!

It appears that President Trump was correct when he ‘tweeted’ shortly after his inauguration that he was spied on by Obama!!

President Trump took the pledge of oath of office pledging to protect America from ‘domestic enemies’!

I Believe justice will be served…President Trump is a man of his word…He doesn’t just ‘talk the talk’….He ‘walks the walk’! And I believe President Trump will succeed in keeping America strong, keeping America safe, and Making America Great for ALL Americans!!

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