Schumer/Pelosi cleaning the swamp??

How can ‘Cryin Schumer and Sanctuary City Pelosi clean the swamp when THEY ARE the swamp. Schumer and Pelosi have been very disrespectful, uncooperative and rude to President Trump since he came into office!  Despite Schumer and Pelosi’s uncooperative behavior America has moved steadily forward with many successful changes including: High employment for all races, very low unemployment (under 4%), Stock Market Gains, increased tax reforms, very improved Veterans Administration for all veterans, Cabinet members working towards a stronger, safer and peaceful future for All Americans and continually striving to secure a more kind and considerate tomorrow for all the

Mad Max Waters does it again!

Maxine Waters..Who I call “Mad Max” for short is a prejudiced Racist. She is intolerant of everything President Trump has accomplished, or said. She uses the term “Impeach Him” whenever she is visible! Her personal Racist views on all issues are disgraceful, harmful and destructive to our great Country. President Trump has been working very successfully since taking office! He has increased employment for All Races, downsized unemployment for All Races, brought about tax reforms for All Races, upgraded veterans administration conditions for All Races, hired excellent cabinet members to work for All Races!! He has tried every way to

Whoopi Goldberg and ‘Waterboarding’!

Whoopi Goldberg came on the View last Thursday with her latest suggestion: “She would like President Donald Trump and former V.P. Dick Cheney to try ‘Waterboarding’ since President Trump and Dick Cheney have never waterboarded”! ..I don’t think Ms. Whoopi realizes that ‘Waterboarding’ is a torture punishment reserved by the Military for evil terrorists of the United States and not an exercise for freedom loving and loyal Americans citizens. Meanwhile, President Trump gets tortured every day on ‘Fake News’, MSNBC, CNN, DemocRATS including ‘cryin’ Schumer and ‘sanctuary cities ‘crumbs’ Pelosi!! And anyone who watches and listens to the View knows

Release of the 3 American Hostages

The release of the 3 American prisoners held hostage in North Korea and just returned home to America to their families and loved ones was an amazing and exalting feat accomplished by President Trump. President Trump, first lady Milania, Mike Pence, Secretary of State Pompeo were at the plane  at 2 AM to welcome the 3 American heroes home!! Charles Schumer  went on TV this morning to say “This release should Not Be Exalted…just expected”!! Really!! Where were you Schumer in all this?? Where was the country before President Trump was elected?? Why was nothing done before Donald Trump’s Presidency to get 

The 2018 WH Correspondents dinner!

In my opinion: When you want to ruin an event don’t hesitate to invite a ‘potty-mouth’ unfunny loser called Michelle Wolf as speaker! This is what occurred last Saturday nite at the Annual White House Correspondents dinner! Ms. Wolf went on the dais to “entertain” …. spewing the crowd with hateful, disrespectful, unfunny chatter! She attacked President Donald Trump who was thankful to be in Washington Township Michigan at an extremely successful and enjoyable Rally!! She attacked prominent Republican women in the Presidents’ administration…including Ivanka Trump, Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Huckabee Sanders. President Trump’s WH Press Secretary Sarah Sanders jabs