Release of the 3 American Hostages

The release of the 3 American prisoners held hostage in North Korea and just returned home to America to their families and loved ones was an amazing and exalting feat accomplished by President Trump.

President Trump, first lady Milania, Mike Pence, Secretary of State Pompeo were at the plane  at 2 AM to welcome the 3 American heroes home!!

Charles Schumer  went on TV this morning to say “This release should Not Be Exalted…just expected”!!
Really!! Where were you Schumer in all this??

Where was the country before President Trump was elected??

Why was nothing done before Donald Trump’s Presidency to get  young and innocent Otto Warmbier released from the North Korean prison he was held in during the previous administration? When President Trump came into office he went into action, contacted Otto Warmbier’s parents and President Trump brought Otto home. Unfortunately, after  suffering 18 months in North Korea in horrible conditions he was too ill to be saved and he died soon after his return in the arms of his family!

In my opinion this is the difference between President Trump and Schumer!

When there’s a problem President Trump ” goes into action and works to correct the situation”  while mean-spirited Schumer ” babbles nasty, petty Anti-Trump insults, political chatter and then does nothing”!!

I was happy to hear that Joy Behar congratulated President Trump on his amazing and exalting success in bringing our 3 American hostages home from North Korea to their families and loved ones!

It’s a new day in American politics!!

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