The Democratic party of No and Negativity!

The Democratic party’s agenda of negativity, aimed at destroying President Donald J. Trump and his supporters, is not working. Thankfully, the Democratic party of No and Negativity is unsuccessful and not accomplishing their selfish goals. President Trump’s agendas, policies and goals to add jobs, strengthen the economy, reform taxes, develop new infrastructure, keep terrorists out of the USA, are goals that are resonating with most Americans. Today President Trump introduced and signed the VA Accountability Bill to better help our veterans lives and to “make America great again”. All of these achievements and goals have brought about new election wins and

Enough is Enough!

Yesterday morning I was shocked and saddened to hear of the shooting in Alexandria Va. of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and I pray for his speedy recovery and good health. It’s come to this!! All the rumors, all the evil acts: Kathy Griffin and her disgusting bloody image of the President, Madonna and her deranged thoughts of blowing up the WH, the Julius Caeser performance with a performer resembling President Trump being murdered… and now, a shooting of GOP House Majority Whip Steve Scalise. The above acts demonstrate the negativity that we see and hear each day on TV,

The Democratic Party Distructionists!

President Donald J.Trump won the Presidential election and assumed the highest office in America. He has worked diligently to bring about all his promises and his agenda to make America great again including increase in employment, increase in the economy, increase in American production, increase in needed infrastructure, tax reform, better health care. These reforms and agendas have many American’s optimistic and hopeful that better days and new opportunities are ahead for all our citizens. However, since the election and President Trump becoming the President of the USA the Democratic party and most democrats have only one agenda….. I call

The Blame Game – Kathy Griffin and Hillary Clinton!

Kathy Griffin and Hillary Clinton are products of The Blame Game. They blame others for their own bad judgement, irresponsible ways and ultimate defeat. For any honest assessment of their actions they should just look in their mirrors to see why they have lost credibility and respect. Kathy Griffin, maybe thinking it would bring her fame and fortune, excitedly photographed herself for national TV holding a bloody mask of our President, Donald J. Trump in her hand. The photo went viral and the country, regardless of political preferences, was appalled at her revolting, vile, disgusting and UNAmerican presentation. She immediately tried