The Democratic Party Distructionists!

President Donald J.Trump won the Presidential election and assumed the highest office in America. He has worked diligently to bring about all his promises and his agenda to make America great again including increase in employment, increase in the economy, increase in American production, increase in needed infrastructure, tax reform, better health care. These reforms and agendas have many American’s optimistic and hopeful that better days and new opportunities are ahead for all our citizens.

However, since the election and President Trump becoming the President of the USA the Democratic party and most democrats have only one agenda….. I call it the agenda to politically destroy President Trump and his immediate family. From day one, the Democratic Party spread unsubstantiated rumors and fake news about collusion with Russia, and obstruction of justice with Russia. After 6 months of searches and investigation these rumors and investigations have never shown ANY evidence of collusion or obstruction of justice between Donald Trump and Russia. Now the Destructionists in the Democratic Party felt they had to find a new rumor to try to politically destroy the President and his family. They started to spread a new rumor ‘Impeach President Trump”. The Distructionists only problem with the new rumor was the fact they didn’t have any legitimate grounds for an impeachment.

There will always be disturbed characters such as Kathy Griffin, Madonna, and others with evil thoughts doing evil deeds…. Even a free performance of ‘Julius Caesar’ payed for by American tax dollars hit a low by having a murdered character¬†in the show resemble our President. In spite of the current instability and turmoil in our country, America will go forward proudly – a shining example of help to the needy, strength, courage and freedom!!

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