The Blame Game – Kathy Griffin and Hillary Clinton!

Kathy Griffin and Hillary Clinton are products of The Blame Game. They blame others for their own bad judgement, irresponsible ways and ultimate defeat.

For any honest assessment of their actions they should just look in their mirrors to see why they have lost credibility and respect.

Kathy Griffin, maybe thinking it would bring her fame and fortune, excitedly photographed herself for national TV holding a bloody mask of our President, Donald J. Trump in her hand. The photo went viral and the country, regardless of political preferences, was appalled at her revolting, vile, disgusting and UNAmerican presentation. She immediately tried to retract the unretractable by going back on TV. I, along with most others, thought she was going to apologize for her disgraceful behavior. I thought it couldn’t get any worse…but it did! She went on TV, not to apologize, but to tell the country that Donald J. Trump our President, the First Lady, and the Trump family were responsible and were trying to ruin her life. I kid you not!! The only comment the Trump family made after viewing the horrid photograph was that they found Ms. Griffin’s comments very disturbing. I would not have been so polite!

This is when Kathy Griffin plays The Blame Game… It’s not her fault that she took the photograph, it’s not her fault she went back on TV to tell our President, the First Lady and the Trump family that it was ruining her life!

In the Blame Game, the truth comes out. Ms. Griffin, look in your mirror… You did it all by yourself. You are the villain, not the victim!!

Hillary Clinton is another victim of The Blame Game. She names everyone who she thinks caused her to lose the election. Hillary, you did it all by yourself. Comey’s not to blame, the DNC’s not to blame, Wisconsin’s not to blame, Russia’s not to blame… only Hillary and her very selective memory for how she wants to see things. Truth’s become untruth’s:

  • Benghazi was not terrorism…. Untrue
  • Her personal e-mails got lost, disappeared, no classifieds… Untrue
  • Her rumors about Russia, with rumors of wrongdoing and collusion….  Untrue!
  • The people she called Deplorables, Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, etc. were not what she described them as…they had their choices and made their decisions on who they thought would be the better candidate)

In the long run, The Blame Game fools no one… and ultimately the truth comes out and the players are left to face the consequences!

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