MSM and First Lady Melania Trump’s Shoes!!

News Flash!!! The “Whining” MSM are consumed with their latest headline of the day…… “First Lady Melania Trump wore high heels on the plane to Texas!!” I don’t think the “whining” MSM added that in Texas Melania changed into her sneakers and walked with President Trump to view the devastation first hand and show solidarity with the people of Texas!! In the ridiculous world of MSM their “news flash” detailing shoes was very important!! In the Real World Americans were focused on watching and praying for relief from the devastation, floods and disasters that Hurricane Harvey was creating: Texans were

Wake Up America!!

In Charlottesville, Va. on Aug. 12th America witnessed hatred, violence, and deplorable acts of bigotry when groups of protesters and counter protesters including white supremecists, neo-nazis, kkk members, clashed – causing intense fighting and tragic results. 19 people were injured, one young woman Heather Hyer, was killed in the disaster, statues of General Robert E.Lee were thrown down!! What’s next? Who makes the choice and decisions to change and destroy American values and American History?? After the day of the attack in Charlottesville, President Trump made a speech condemning both sides responsible for the destruction and violence, saying “there is

Charlottesville, Va. …. Saturday, Aug.11th

On Saturday, Aug. 11th, at a rally in Charlottesville, VA. white supremacists, kkk members,neo-nazis and klu klux klan members clashed with counterprotesters about taking down statues of confederate General Robert E. Lee that were in Charlottesville, Va. parks. The protest got out of hand and became violent fighting between the protesters and anti-protesters. Bottles and other objects were thrown and it became an unlawful mess. A car, driven by a 20 yr. old suspected nazi sympathizer ran over a 32 yr. old young lady who was visiting the park with her family and was killed in the incident. The driver

Aug. 9th State Dept. Press Briefing

On Aug. 9th, I watched the State Dept. Press Briefing. Heather Nauert was the Spokesperson from the State Dept. She was very effective in explaining the North Korean severe missile crisis and President Trump’s strong message to North Korea regarding the situation. Ms. Nauert explained to the reporters at the press briefing that General James Mattis, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the State Dept. were all aware of President Trump’s strong message to North Korea and in total agreement with President Trump on the necessity of getting ‘tough’ with the enemy. “The only response this enemy understands.” However, the journalists

California’s Representative on the 43rd district is busy working to Impeach President Donald J. Trump!

I have been hearing that Democratic Representative Maxine Waters is working to Impeach President Donald J. Trump! What is her platform: 1) The stock market since President Trump took office is at an all time high! Does Ms. Waters not approve?? 2) Thanks to President Trump the job market is very high… many more people are back to work. Is this one of her reasons for impeachment?? 3) The monthly unemployment figure is very low…about 4% I would hope, Ms. Waters, you would find that another plus?? 4) President Trump has added an excellent new member to the Supreme Court

Ms. JK Rowling….. Stick with “Harry Potter” Fiction!! No Politics… PLEASE!!

JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter fiction series, has wrongfully accused President Donald Trump of avoiding greeting and shaking the hand of a 3 year old wheelchair-bound little boy……even though the unedited video clearly shows President Trump greeting the little boy July 24th onstage before starting his “victims of Obamacare” press conference. Piers Morgan, the British Journalist and host of “Good Morning Britain” labeled Ms. Rowling as a disgraceful liar!! Meanwhile an Edited fake video clip shared to Twitter show President Trump overlooking and not acknowledging the little boy in the wheelchair! totally FALSE!! Even with the unedited video