She’s At It Again!!!

In a fiery speech at First AME Church in Los Angeles Maxine Waters claimed that “God has sent her to fulfill the mission of impeaching President Trump”!!

Addressing her crowd of supporters, Waters pledged that she had every intention of tackling the job that God had apparently dispatched her to complete, further asserting, “When God sends you to do something, you just do it”!!

Waters previously “promised to fight every day until President Trump is impeached”!

She even adamantly refused to attend President Trump’s Inauguration. She continued her vicious and ridiculous tirade of bitterness and negativity by quoting more nonsense, “I don’t honor the President, I don’t respect the President and I’m not joyful in the presence of this President….

Then she called Trump and his allies ‘scumbags’!

No surprise that Waters herself has not been immune from criticism,even from members of her own party!!

Just last month she called on her supporters at a rally to “confront members of President Trump’s Cabinet and she advocated intimidation tactics to harass Trump members and officials, keeping them out of restaurants, dept. stores, gas stations and telling them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere”!!

And this is an American Congresswoman??

In my opinion,God did not send Maxine Waters to preach violence, hatred and uncivil acts of intimidation and attack!!

God preaches Love and Kindness, Goodwill and

Peace on Earth for All!

It’s Time to Grow Up Ms. Waters and Say it::
‘God Bless America and All Americans ’cause we’re the ‘UNITED’ STATES OF AMERICA!!

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