Diversity Visa Lottery Program

I am outraged after reading that Senator Charles Schumer, the Sponsor of the terrible “Diversity Visa Lottery Program” has just criticized President Donald Trump once again.

On Oct. 31st, a Terrorist who came to our country in 2010 through Schumer’s horrible “Diversity Visa Lottery Program”, a program which needs no vetting, killed 8 innocent bicycle riders on a bicycle path in New York Ciry, near the World Trade Center, and 11 bicycle riders now hospitalized.

President Trump has consistently been asking for programs of “Extreme Vetting” from unfriendly countries to keep us safe against Terrorists! Charles Schumer has constantly and very publicly criticized President Trump on every issue…. including the vetting process!

Schumer will not support anything President Trump is advocating and never works with President Trump for the Unity of our great Country. Schumer is only interested in his own politics, his ridiculous “Diversity Visa Lottery Program” and is contrary and opposing to all President Trump’s programs!

The Democratic Party and Fake News are a great asset to these divisive tactics of opposing the President and making every issue as annoying as ‘pulling teeth’!!!

I just heard the great news that President Trump is going to work at doing away with the awful Schumer’ Sponsored “Diversity Visa Lottery Program” which has been allowing foreigners from unfriendly countries into the USA with No Vetting Needed!!
Flash!! In my opinion we need “Very Extreme Vetting” in these unfriendly foreign countries coming into the USA! I hope President Trump succeeds in this issue!

How many mistakes do we need to make, how many innocent lives will it take to finally change our policies, do the right thing, and make America safer, stronger, a little tougher and put America First Once Again!!

Latest victims…. the innocent bicycle riders who were victimized because of the ‘no vetting policy,’ Our prayers and compassion to all the victims of this horrendous tragedy and hopes that it will be the wake-up call for much needed ‘Extreme Vetting’ to make America more Unified, Safer and Stronger!!

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