The Obstructionists!


In my opinion, Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party are perfect examples of obstructionists:

“People who deliberately delay or prevent progress.”

Obstructionists don’t seem to care for the needs and hopes of the American People…. The obstructionists are consumed with disrespect and vengeance and will not even try to work with President Donald Trump to find common ground for unity and progress for a stronger and safer Country.

Issues such as the budget, DACA, much needed tax reform, health care reform, infrastructure are being obstructed because of disrespect and disagreements.

The Fake News media is very protective of the obstructionists and are playing a dangerous game of ‘untruthful reporting.”

Example of Obstruction:
Charles Schumer’s flip-flop on the Obama administrations appeasement of the Ayatollahs is a good example:

Two years ago Charles Schumer broke with his Democratic Party to oppose the Iran Deal. However, 2 yrs. later, right after President Trump made an announcement that he would decertify the nuclear pact with Iran, Charles Schumer said he would not allow the Iran deal to be undone!!

Imagine how pathetic and political… Schumer couldn’t even cross the aisle to oppose the disastrous Iran deal that he himself originally voted against 2 years ago!!

Flash: I recently heard that Charles Schumer’s Democratic Party is going ‘Left’ as fast as you can say: Warren -Sanders!!

“What Goes Around, Comes Around”!!

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