Joy Behar’s latest!!

“No Joy Behar” just posted her latest ignorant, ridiculous, stupid remark!!

She proudly said “Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin have more sanity than President Trump”!!  Ugh!!
This remark is pure lunacy!!
 I would put it another way: Kim Jong Un and  Vladimir Putin are foreign dictators, enemies of America and our American way of life!!
Along with ‘No Joy” their agenda is to try to destroy the Trump Presidency!!
 Does “No Joy” know that Kin Jong Un from North Korea has been busy building missiles to reach  America to bomb and devastate American cities?? “
 Is ‘No Joy’ aware of the young American student, Otto Warmbier, who visited North Korea a few years ago, was accused of trying to take a poster, and was imprisoned, tortured for 18 months and returned to America deathly ill!!  It was President Donald Trump who worked tirelessly to return Otto to his grieving parents and to bury him at home in America!!
Is “No Joy” aware that Vladimir Putin is a devious, cunning and tricky Russian dictator with an Anti-Trump agenda!!
“No Joy” recently mocked the christian faith of Vice President Mike Pence…..Need I say more about this babbling, blundering fool!!
I don’t understand how Meghan McCain, a very intelligent, thoughtful lady  left “Outnumbered” with Harris Faulkner to come on “The View” with “No Joy”!    I miss Meghan’s great reporting on ‘Outnumbered’…In my opinion….She went from the sublime to the ridiculous!!
I hate to put it this way…but I will”
“No Joy”….”There’s no fool like an old fool!!”

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