“Innocent ‘Til Proven Guilty!”

In the America I grew up when a famous old saying was: “Innocent ‘Til Proven Guilty!” It’s now the year 2018! It’s a new political era and the famous old saying has changed!! For President Trump the saying is now “Guilty When Innocent!” Since President Trump’s campaign and inauguration over one year ago the FBI and Special Counsel Robert Mueller have been searching to find evidence of collusion and/or obstruction of justice with the Russians! There is none to be found legitimately!! Only Rumors, Democratic party deviousness, Fake news, and False Accusations. President Trump has been cooperative and gracious complying

Government Shutdown!!

As President Trump celebrates his one year anniversary as our President, he has created many accomplishments and successful issues including a growing and healthy economy, thriving Stock Market reaching 26,000, high employment, very low unemployment (less than 5%), great tax reform system,and many “Made In America” products and productions! President Trump has been working steadily with Charles Schumer, Ms. Pelosi and the Democratic party to avoid a Government Shutdown. However, Mr. Schumer is stubborn and uncooperative. He has never been gracious or courteous to the President or mentioned any of President Trumps many acheivements. President Trump invited Mr. Schumer and


Yesterday, Rear Admiral Ronny L. Jackson, the appointed White House physician to President Trump, announced the results of the President’s intense health examination! “Great News America!” President Trump is in Excellent Physical Health! President Trump is in excellent Cardiac Health! President Trump is in Excellent Cognitive-Mental Health! Perfect Cognitive scores.. 30 out of 30! Dr. Jackson said “the President does not suffer any mental or physical issues that prevent him from functioning in office! Before writing this post, I went on a Navy bibliography site to read about Dr. Jackson and his background. What an amazing person Dr.Jackson is and

The DACA deal and the long-promised Border Wall!!

President Trump is a man of his words and deeds! On becoming President he promised many great improvements for the country and in his first year in office (2017) here are a few: The Stock Market at an all-time high, the economy strong, the country experiencing a high rate of employment for workers of ALL races, very low unemployment (under 4%), President Trump’s great choice appointing Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, a very much improved tax reform system, etc. Now we need to find a solution to the DACA deal and to President Trump’s long-promised Southern Border Wall! After

President Trump’s message to Iran… Susan Rice’s reply!!

President Donald Trump sent a twitter message to the Iranian dictatorship condemning their government for not allowing peaceful protests to take place. Discontented Iranian citizens are fed up facing many shortages as well as corruption and squandering of their nation’s wealth to fund terrorism. The Iranian government should respect the rights of their people and allow them to express themselves peacefully! The Iranian government has now closed down their Internet so that peaceful demonstraters cannot communicate!! President Trump is paying close attention to this very disturbing and disgraceful situation as are many nations! The world is watching!! Meanwhile, Susan Rice,