“60 Minutes”…..

Sunday evening, 3/25, CBS “60 minutes” aired  their highly awaited Stormy Daniels media-circus!! In my opinion, a private family matter which allegedly occurred 10 to 12 years ago (2006) should never have been smeared on “60 minutes” for salacious babble and ratings…nothing more! Incredible what some people will do to make a buck. The 2 people affected most in this situation were:  our great First Lady Milania Trump and her young son Barron!!   Milania has been facing a very difficult time with trashy rumors and media gossip!!  I was very glad to hear she took Barron and they went to

Hillary Clinton Comments

Hillary Clinton’s latest comments and remarks have become exceedingly bitter and an embarrassment!! Last week in India Ms.Clinton made a speech criticizing President Donald Trump’s supporters as quote, “wanting to take America backwards…You didn’t like black people getting rights, you don’t like women getting jobs, you don’t want to see Indian-American success….Whatever your problems I’m going to solve them”! End of Quote!! Then she said that husbands put pressure on their wives to vote in favor of their husband’s wishes! She denigrated stay at home moms’ because she doesn’t want them staying at home and baking cookies and serving milk!!

Dem. Party Obstructing Confirmation of President Trump Nominees!!

Since President Trump took office Senate Democrats led by minority leader Charles Schumer have been obstructing and delaying confirmation of Trump nominees to a historic degree!! Anti-Trump Democrats made it clear in early January that they intended to “Cripple” both Pres. Trump and his nominees for any/all Republican government positions! President Trump’s cabinet picks have faced more cloture votes (a motion to end debate and force a bill or nomination) than the cabinet nominees of all previous presidents combined. Democrat Minority leader Charles Schumer is a bitter, spiteful, uncooperative Anti-Trump politician who has twisted facts to vote against every GOP

“Sanctuary City” Lawsuit!!

Atty General Jeff Sessions has filed a lawsuit against California ‘Sanctuary City’ that shields illegal immigrants from Federal Authorities. Mr.Sessions explains that “Federal Law is the supreme law of the land. A refusal to accept this law effectively rejects all immigration laws and creates an undesirable ‘open border’ system!” The lawsuit further claims that by shielding illegal immigrants, especially the criminal element, California is obstructing our U.S. enforcement of Federal Immigration Law!! Atty General Sessions went to California with a lawsuit to put a stop to local politicians abusing Federal Law enforcement. This includes California Gov. Jerry Brown and California

Joy Behar’s latest view???

Latest Flash!! “No Joy’ Behar” has new exclusive details to share with America!… She now believes that “Conservatives Have a Penchant for Nazis”!! “No Joy Behar” is starting to outdo her own nonsense and lack of clarity!! ‘No Joy Behar’…recently tried to ridicule Mike Pence, the terrific V.P. of the U.S., calling his Christianity crazy and Religious practices “Mental Illness” … Previously, she got blasted for her anti-Christian rhetoric which she did not agree with!! Now, ‘No Joy’ is concerned with CPAC, the “Conservative Political Action Committee”, which she associates with Nazis.! As long as ‘No Joy’ and the leftists