Chelsea Handler

I never heard the name ‘Chelsea Handler’ until a few days ago when former Gov. Mike Huckabee was on TV talking about his daughter Sarah Huckabee Sanders, our national Press Secretary.

I was shocked to hear the vicious, low-life way Ms. Handler insulted Mike Huckabee’s daughter about her looks and called her untrue obnoxious, hateful names: ‘Harlot’,”Trollop, etc.”

Ms. Handler went on babbling like a fool as she continued her pathetic tirade!! She criticized Sarah Sandler’s false eyelashes, her lipstick, all the things Ms. Handler probably dwells on as the most important things in life!!

Curious about this nasty lady…I went to my computer to read a little about her past…Guess What: Ms. Handler wrote a book a few years ago called ‘My Horizontal Life.. a Collection of my Enjoyment of One Night Stands” !! That explains a lot to me and is enough said about her and her life!!

Sarah Huckabee Sandler is:

Smart, Classy, Clever, Intelligent… A young woman in her early 30’s… She hasd a loving husband, three young devoted children, great parents and family! She has a great job and her honest, sharp and warm delivery of topics at the press conferences are exceedingly lively, interesting and informative!!

Two women…. One: a Lady….. Sarah Huckabee Sanders!! The Other: insulting, embarrassing and ridiculous…. Chelsea Handler!

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