President Trump’s message to Iran… Susan Rice’s reply!!

President Donald Trump sent a twitter message to the Iranian dictatorship condemning their government for not allowing peaceful protests to take place. Discontented Iranian citizens are fed up facing many shortages as well as corruption and squandering of their nation’s wealth to fund terrorism.

The Iranian government should respect the rights of their people and allow them to express themselves peacefully!

The Iranian government has now closed down their Internet so that peaceful demonstraters cannot communicate!! President Trump is paying close attention to this very disturbing and disgraceful situation as are many nations!

The world is watching!!

Meanwhile, Susan Rice, the former National Security Adviser, wasted no time replying to President Trump’s twitter message as follows….. “How can Trump help Iran’s protesters?? Be Quiet!!”

To bad Susan Rice wasn’t quiet when Benghazi, Libya was attacked in 2012 and when she lied to the American people calling the situation in Benghazi a reaction to an anti-Muslim video.

Ms. Rice along with Hillary Clinton knew the incident was a vicious terrorist attack against America, when it occurred killing the American Ambassador to Benghazi and 4 Navy Seals. However the American people were lied to for days until the truth finally came out!!

Thank goodness we now have a new administration!!. Maybe now Ms. Rice will keep her thoughts to herself.. and hopefully…..”KEEP QUIET!!”

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