My Thoughts on the NFL/NBA Outrage!

FLASH! When football or baseball fans go to a sports stadium they expect to be entertained at the event watching the game they love in a relaxed atmosphere. The day of a sports event always starts with the players and fans standing at attention and honoring our country, our flag and the beautiful National Anthem.

This weekend turned a joyful sports event into a national disgrace when some of the players decided to have a protest at the fans’ expense. These players did not stand at attention while our American Anthem played. They sat on the field on their knee and acted in defiance!!

Players have every right to protest issues they feel are unfair. However, in my opinion, they don’t have that right at a sports stadium when hundreds of fans and police officers are standing at attention and honoring our country, our flag and the National Anthem!!

Players should do politics on their own time… Not at the sports stadium ignoring the people forced to watch this act of disrespect. I feel it’s unfair to our military who fight or our safety and our freedom, unfair to our veterans, and unfair to the police officers and their families who are getting injured protecting violent political protesters and activists!

You’ve disrespected our country, our tradition of honoring our flag and the National Anthem by getting down on your knees. You’ve dishonored our government and you’ve dishonored our President who said “It’s not about Race or your right to protest!” He explained very clearly that by standing at attention for our country, our flag and our National Anthem we are honoring and respecting our traditions and our Country!”

There’s a “time and place for everything”… The sports stadium is “not the time or the place to protest disgruntled players personal issues, sitting on their knees.” It only demonstrates their defiance and disrespect for America!!


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