Jemele Hill… Over the Top!!

A few days ago Jemele Hill, an employee at ESPN sports channel, made some very vicious, abusive, disrespectful and untrue remarks with regard to President Donald Trump!

According to Jemele Hill, President Donald Trump is “a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists.” This remark is absolutely untrue and she offers no facts to back up her remarks.

She went on by saying: “President Trump is the most offensive President of her lifetime and he’s alsolutely a Bigot.” Wow! she’s on a real hate roll now!

As if that’s not enough, she continues, saying that “President Trump is unqualified and unfit to be President.” Frankly, what I think is that Jemele Hill is the one completely unqualified and unfit to write these remarks without backing up one word!

And then, for her finale: “He is not a Leader!!””

In my opinion, Jemele Hill’s disgraceful messages of hate and contempt against our President without any facts is truly shameful!

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