La David Johnson and Family!

Our country was devastated to hear the sad news about the 4 soldiers killed in Niger. There is an ongoing investigation of how this terrible situation happened.

America mourns the loss of the 4 soldiers killed in Niger and the families of the 4 families and their loved ones who have suffered the ultimate loss.

Our hearts go out to Sgt. La David Johnson, his widow’ Mayeshia Johnson, their 2 children, and their family. Words cannot fully express our deepest condolences. Myeshia Johnson, the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson(one of the 4 soldiers killed in Niger) received a call from President Trump which set off a firestorm.

Congresswoman Frederica Wilson’s role in this tragic event:

It seems Ms. Wilson went in the car with Myeshia Johnson and her family to the airport to meet the 4 returning heroes. President Trump made a call to Myeshia Johnson from the car to comfort her and offer his condolences. Sadly the call caused a national uproar… a difference of opinion on ‘he said’, ‘she said’. Why was Ms. Wilson involved in a very private condolence call between the President of the United States and Frederica Wilson, a known Trump hater who on several occasions has called for his impeachment and called him a racist, deranged, crazy! President Trump may not have expressed himself in the correct words but Ms. Wilson’s reaction was a stunning disgrace to Sgt. La David Johnson’s grieving widow, and their devoted family.

Resolving The Situation:

In my opinion, Now Frederica Wilson has the opportunity, after the firestorm and the resentments, to get involved finding Unity, Peace, Civility and common ground communicating with President Trump on this fragile issue. A divided America weary of division, dissension, and bitterness would be very grateful if Ms. Wilson could stop trying to use this tragic indcident for political gain!!!

Finally, I also believe that resolving this “condolence call issue” would bring comfort and peace to Myeshia Johnson and her family at this extremely difficult and emotional time in her young life!

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