“Celebrate Freedom” Rally – honoring our war veterans, the VA, and the Armistice Day July 4th celebration and holiday!

I watched the “Celebrate Freedom” rally last night televised from Kennedy Center in Washington,DC. It was a wonderful celebration honoring our war veterans,the VA, and the Armistice Day July 4th celebration and holiday! “Celebrate Freedom” was a message of hope for a stronger, healthier and safer future for all Americans. President Trump’s agenda and promises to the American People to “Make America Great Again” is showing astonishing results in a very short time.

Our country is showing an increase in jobs, lower unemployment, a growing economy, stock market growth, passage of the excellent VA Accountability Bill for a stronger and better VA with new and advanced equipment and all the help we can give to our brave heroes who gave us so much of themselves. Thanks to President Trump and his nomination of Neil Gorsuch, Mr. Gorsuch is now a member of the Supreme Court and SCOTUS has just overturned the 9th Circuit judges decision. Now the 6 terrorist countries trying to enter America will be vetted and decisions will be decided case by case to keep America safe.

President Trump is busy every day working on lowering taxes, infrastructure, improving agriculture and farming, health care and many other challenges which America faces every day.

So, what does the Democratic Party, their followers and supporters do to go forward and join America to “keep America safe??” They decide they want to impeach the President and are now trying to pass a bill to that effect. Is it because our President is brave, bold and exceedingly smart? Is it because he’s a man who is not going to be attacked with rumors, fake news, personal hates without answering and defending himself, the first lady, and the first family. The man is brilliant and he has surrounded himself with excellent cabinet members and exceptional team members. Vice President Pence, General Mattis, etc. who are beyond reproach. You may not like the President or his style, but if you are looking for the right results to ‘Make America Great Again” in my opinion you are on the right team.

Now, I would like to nominate a few people who I believe should be in a bill for mental examination:
Kathy Griffin and her hand holding a bloodied mask resembling President Trump shown on national TV and in newspapers! When she received a lot of disapproval she blamed President Trump and his family for ruining her life!!!

Next is Madonna, on President Trump’s inauguration day, giving a speech on national TV to tell of her many dreams and thoughts of blowing up the WH! UGH!

Then we have Johnny Depp, another so-called celebrity, telling his TV audience about his thoughts of an actor killing a President!

Another interesting candidate to be looked at is the producer of a Wm Shakespere’s play “Julius Caesar” performed in Central Park, adding a scene of a look alike Donald Trump actor being murdered in the play.

Then there’s Joe Scarborough and his partner, Mika on MSNBC criticizing, insulting and being generally nasty and disrespectful to the leader of our country. Nobody I’m sure cares about how he feels about the President, but then Mr. Scarborough calls the president a liar and denies he ever asked the Trump team to kill the damaging National Enquirer article about his scandalous relationship. Well, President Trump did reply and told Mr. Scarborough and Mika …NO DEAL!! It would be published and he wouldn’t save Psycho Joe!! I understand they were once friends….With friends like that…Who needs enemies!!!

To all the people praying for President Trump’s success in making America stronger again, safer again, and Greater Again, President Trump last night said it exactly right “The fake media tried to stop us from going to the White House… but I’m President and they’re not!”

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