The ‘Blame Game’

In my opinion, Hillary Clinton has always been a victim of the ‘Blame Game’! She names everyone who she believes caused her to lose the 2016 election”!! “The truth is that Hillary did it all by herself!” It’s known as ‘poor choices’!! Comey’s not to blame, the DNC’s not to blame, Wisconson’s not to blame, Russia’s not to blame!! Only Hillary Clinton and her very selective memory for how she see things are ‘to blame’!!! With Hillary, truth’s become untruths


1) Benghazi was not terrorism….Untrue
2) Her thousands of personal emails classified and unclassified were all lost….Untrue
3) Her accusations regarding Russian wrongdoings and collusion…..Untrue
4) During her presidential campaign, the people she called deplorables, racists, sexists, homophobics, exonophobic, etc. were not what she described them as…they were Americans who made their choices and decisions in who they believed would be the ‘better candidate’ to vote for!!

In the long run the ‘Blame Game’ fooled noone!

Ultimately the truth came out and the players were left to face the consequences!!

Yesterday, at the National Day of mourning for former President George H.W. Bush, Hillary Clinton continued her ‘Blame Game’!! The Trump’s shook hands with Barack and Michelle Obama but when First Lady Milania Trump leaned forward to shake hands and respectfully greet the Clintons, Hillary gave Milania the ‘cold shoulder’!! Bill Clinton was welcoming and shook Milania’s hand but Hillary Clinton just snubbed the First Lady.

She had the same bitter Hillary scowl on her face during Donald Trump’s Inauguration when she caught her husband Bill admiring Milania’s very obvious beauty!!

In the long run Hillary’s ‘Blame Game’ fools noone!

In my opinion, Hillary is disrespectful, bitter and ‘her own worst enemy’!!

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