Randa Jarrar remarks!

Randa Jarrar, a college professor at California State University, trashed our late esteemed and admired former First Lady of the United States of America, Barbara Bush, calling her an “amazing racist” and then went on to indecently add that “she is happy the witch is dead”!!  Still continuing her tirade…she added that she with her husband raised a ‘war criminal’!!!   These sick, abnormal remarks were made by Ms. Jarrar on Twitter one hour after Barbara Bush’s death April 18th.     Sounds to me like Randa Jarrar is the Racist and the Witch!!      Ms. Jarrar continued her

A Stormy Time!

Stormy Daniels is living in her “DreamWorld”!! She’s flaunting attention and exposure and seems to enjoy relating her very personal story of ‘alleged’ “unprotected sex” with Donald Trump pre-presidential days!! I guess I’m just naive and modest but I believe that somethings should be handled privately…not shouted out to the world for gossip!! Ms. Daniel’s seems very proud to tell the media that she’s now being offered jobs as a result of her newfound “Fame”!!! For example, she will be modeling nude in Penthouse Magazine in May and June issues! Hopefully, she will be too busy to get involved in

Joy Behar’s latest!!

“No Joy Behar” just posted her latest ignorant, ridiculous, stupid remark!! She proudly said “Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin have more sanity than President Trump”!!  Ugh!! This remark is pure lunacy!!  I would put it another way: Kim Jong Un and  Vladimir Putin are foreign dictators, enemies of America and our American way of life!! Along with ‘No Joy” their agenda is to try to destroy the Trump Presidency!!  Does “No Joy” know that Kin Jong Un from North Korea has been busy building missiles to reach  America to bomb and devastate American cities?? “  Is ‘No Joy’ aware

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel call himself a ‘comedian’! I call him a typical “Bully”!! He mocked Milania Trump,the First Lady of the United States. He didn’t approve of her Slovenian accent and he questioned her role in the White House Easter Egg Event! Mrs. Trump read a great learning passage in a children’s book to the kids at the White House. She said “Never stop exploring ’cause life would be boring. Be clever and curious just like a cat. Ask a lot of questions about ‘this and that”, she read. The ‘Bully’ Kimmel imitated her remark as ‘dis and dat’, attempting to