Sanctuary City Pelosi

“Sanctuary City Pelosi” has many new ideas which she believes will be beneficial to our Country! Here are a few: 1) She referred to generous tax reform company bonuses of $1,000+ to their workers as “Crumbs”! 2) She believes new tax reform is also “Unpatriotic”! Her reasons are that if you’re cutting the taxes at the high end and not being allowed to invest in the future you are doing a great disservice to our Country! That’s a disservice??? 3) Her latest opinion of progress is for border security and it’s called “Mowing the Grass” so that people will not

Russian Indictment!!

Friday,Feb.16, Deputy Atty Gen’l Rod Rosenstein announced an elaborate indictment of 13 Russian Nationals and 3 Russian companies posing as Americans and meddling in the 2016 Presidential election and United States political activities! The charges of the 13 Russian Nationals and 3 Russian companies include conspiracy to defraud the United States, wire fraud, bank fraud, and identity theft! I found it shocking to realize Russia has been meddling and interfering in the United States campaigns and politics since 2014 ….. long before President Trump announced his candidacy for office! I can only wonder why Barack Obama just let it happen!

Joy Behar’s latest comment!!

Joy Behar is a most disrespectful ‘broad’…. She certainly is not a lady or a person of character! Actually, she is the character!! In my opinion, loud, crude and disrespectful! In her latest comment she even outdid herself….. dishonoring Mike Pence,the Vice President of the United States, calling him “Mentally Ill” because of his personal Religious feelings and traditions!! Wake Up,Ms. Behar….This is America and many Americans are Religious and respectful, praying in any way they feel comfortable! Reverend Jeremy Wright, Former Pres. Obama’s pastor said many things not all Americans agreed with but they showed respect! That’s why we

The Fake Dossier

FLASH!! Since winning the Republican Presidential election President Trump is appreciating a very impressive agenda with many reforms, successes and accomplishments! He’s also promised to “clean the Washington swamp” & build a Southern border wall for protection for all Americans! He’s very willing to work with the Democrats to keep 1.8 million illegal DACA children in the USA as long as the Democrats agree to the other half of the deal which is President Trump’s campaign promise to his constituents to build the Southern Border Wall to protect All American citizens!! To me, that’s a very fair and generous offer!

The State of the Union Address!

Congratulations President Trump!! You really “Nailed It!! Your State of the Union message was excellent and a pleasure to watch and to listen to. It brought feelings of hope and success for America and the American People! President Trump’s many accomplishments and successes this year include: A great and healthy economy, a booming stock market, all Races enjoying high employment, very low unemployment (under 5%), many more industries including the auto industry being “Made in America” once again, Coal Miners back at work, etc. There were also some very somber moments at the State of the Union from guests who