Border Wall Situation!!

Since taking office 2 yrs. ago, President Donald J. Trump has been doing an outstanding and successful job keeping America strong and safe including: A booming economy, high employment, very low unemployment, positive tax reforms, upgraded Veteran Administration reforms, 2 successful new Supreme Court Justices, ICE Agents working under difficult situations to keep Americans safe from illegal and criminal activities, etc.

Unfortunately, since taking office President Trump has not received any cooperation from Democrats, social media, or fake news!!!

Now that the Democrats control the House they have the opportunity to Unite and work together with President Trump and the Senate to protect our borders and keep unauthorized illegals from invading America and causing turmoil at the Borders!!

We need to cooperate and resolve the Border Wall situation ASAP ..for “The United States of America”!

A divided America cannot survive….We need to work together in solidarity, cooperation and UNITY!! Also known as “Successful Solution”!!

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