Nancy Pelosi Applauds Reverend Al Sharpton!

Democratic party Rep. Nancy Pelosi (d-Cal.) applauds Al Sharpton and thanks him for saving America by helping the Democrats win back the majority!!

What a Surprise!!

Who knew that the Mid-Terms were a referendum on Nancy Pelosi ??

However, I’m not too shocked to hear comments like this from Ms. Pelosi….It only reiterates how ‘out of touch’ the Democratic leadership has become!!

Nancy Pelosi comments : We’re going to be visionary, we’re going to be unifying, we’re going to be healing, we’re going to be transparent in how we do this! We’re going to be respectful of other views” Ms. Pelosi says.

She continues: “But we’re going to find our common ground where we can. We have a responsibility to do that, but where we can’t…we have to stand our ground like a rock!! That’s what Thomas Jefferson advised us to do”!!

I wonder when he said that to Ms.Pelosi!!!

She continues: “Thank you for helping ‘take back America’..People all over the place are calling me, writing, in airports, here and there, saying Thank you Reverand Sharpton for saving America…Thank you Reverand Sharpton!”

In my opinion, two years ago when President Trump won the election and his very successful agenda which included ‘cleaning the Washington Swamp’, Making America Great Again, creating a successful Booming Economy, High Employment, Very low Unemployment, many more Americans of all denominations working, Tax Reform, Veteran Administration Reform, Border Security to keep our Country Safe, ICE agents to protect our citizens, Infrastructure advances, etc.

Meanwhile, the Anti-Trump Pelosi-Schumer Democrats of the last few years have been negative, divided and uncooperative working against President Trump on every issue!!

Nancy Pelosi applauded Reverend Al Sharpton and praised Sharpton for ‘Saving America’

Hopefully the new Mid-Term Elections will include a new era of cooperation, working together peacefully and productively in the greatest Country in the world:


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