Mid-Term Elections

The Mid-Term elections are over!!

The Senate remains Republican and President Donald Trump’s Presidency is stronger than ever.

President Trump continues his successful Agenda: a booming economy, very high employment, very low unemployment, tax reforms, Veteran administration reforms, plans going forward for safe and strong borders, ICE agents working at difficult jobs to protect Americans from illegal and criminal activities! etc.

The Democrats won the House by only a slim margin and In my opinion, they will use their newfound power for all it’s worth to make President Trump’s next two years even more negative, unpleasant and devious then Schumer, Waters, and Pelosi made President Trump’s first two years in office!!

The Democratic Agenda will probably include:
1) Nancy Pelosi hoping to become Speaker of the House with her gavel in hand!
2) Charles Schumer leading the Dems and continuing his Anti-Trump rhetoric!
3) Congressman Adam Schiff will now chair the House Intelligence Committie and he will certainly use his power to bring back the Russian Investigations from 2016 still looking for obstruction and collusion with absolutely No Facts!!
4) The Dems may even try to Impeach President Trump to no avail! President Trump and the Senate still control two-thirds of the power of the Federal Government and impeachment hearings will do nothing but add discord, destruction and fake news rumors!!

President Trump is going forward to make America Stronger, Safer and to Make America Great Again!!

That’s Why I Call Him A Winner!!

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