Murder at “Tree of Life” Synagogue!

President Trump and First Lady Milania Trump arrived in Pittsburgh, Pa, this afternoon to pay their respects to the tragic victims of the worst anti-semitism attack and murder of innocent victims in U.S. history! Sadly, this tragedy has claimed 11 innocent lives!!

Shooter Robert Bowers, 46 yr. old anti-semite, barged into the “Tree of Life” synogogue Saturday morning at Prayer services and murdered 11 innocent victims!! It was the worst anti-semite attack on a Jewish Community in U.S. history!!

This crazed shooter Robert Bowers was screaming out “all Jews must die” as he was shooting!!

At least 6 other people were wounded including 4 police officers. Bowers exchanged gunfire with the police officers and was struck several times before he surrendered. Thankfully none of the police officers were seriously hurt and are recovering at the hospital.

Shooter Bowers is in the hospital and will likely face federal hate crime charges! President Trump has said this is a death crime charge and Bowers will likely get the ‘death penalty’ for his evilness!!

A few weeks ago another anti-semite, Louis Farrakhan,a vigorous supporter of Maxine Waters, called Jewish people ‘termites’ and ‘stupid’!! This is a disgrace and shameful to all Americans and should be condemned!

I haven’t heard any reaction from the Democrats, especially Senator Charles Schumer!! How does he evaluate

Maxine Waters and Louis Farrakhans assessment of Anti-Semitism in America????

In spite of evil acts and mean spirited people America overcomes and we will always be:

The Land of the Free and the

Home of the Brave!!

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