Sanctuary City Pelosi

“Sanctuary City Pelosi” has many new ideas which she believes will be beneficial to our Country!

Here are a few:
1) She referred to generous tax reform company bonuses of $1,000+ to their workers as “Crumbs”!

2) She believes new tax reform is also “Unpatriotic”!

Her reasons are that if you’re cutting the taxes at the high end and not being allowed to invest in the future you are doing a great disservice to our Country! That’s a disservice???

3) Her latest opinion of progress is for border security and it’s called “Mowing the Grass” so that people will not be able to be smuggled through the grass near the borders! I’m very skeptical of this idea of securing the Southern Border of the U.S. with a lawnmower! Isn’t that a little unrealistic?????

4) Her latest speech was at a Town Hall Meeting where she made the following comment:
“God never intended for some people to live in superfluous wealth wealthy while others live in abject poverty.” A woman shouted out at the meeting to Ms. Pelosi……
“How much are you worth?? Are you in abject poverty”???
End of Meeting!!!

Ms. Pelosi is a firm exponent of San Francisco’s “Sanctuary City” which is facing many serious problems including drugs, poverty, homeless population, illegals, etc,

Since she always comes up with new “Crumbs”….. Let’s see what she does with this One!!

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