Feeling Very Positive!!

I’m feeling very positive about Anthony Scaramucci’s new position as WH Communications Director. I believe Mr. Scaramucci will separate truth and facts from untruths, fake news and rumors surrounding President Trump, his administration, his family, and his agenda. Anthony Scaramucci is a fighter for facts and truth and will be a great asset to President Trump in separating fact from fiction and finding out the truth in situations and fraudulent statements.

Mr. Scaramucci was instrumental in bringing out the truth about a CNN fake news story and as a result of that investigation 3 CNN employees were fired. Great Work!! Best Wishes!!

I ‘m a little wary of Mr. Mueller, Special Consul, since I heard he’s worked closely with Hillary and Bill Clinton and the Democrats as well as being a longtime friend of exFBI agent James Comey. Can Mr. Mueller be impartial with his background??

Just heard a comment by Mark Cuban which was hard to believe!! It seems he’s thinking about running for president on the Dem. ticket in 2020! Here’s what he said about President Trump and I quote: “If he lasts 4 years I’ll be there to kick his a–” In my opinion, if he can’t speak better, he shouldn’t be in public office or even in public!!! No Respect or Dignity!! (Sounds like more Joe Scarborough babble!!)

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