Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court

From the initial hearing at Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court many Democrat party members were very disrespectful and rude!! The screaming and out of order hysteria caused police to escort over 70 troublemakers to jail!! The democrats from the first day of hearings were constantly shouting “Delay the proceedings, postpone the hearings”!! Senator Chuck Grassley, the Republican Committee Chairman was the most polite and respectful Senator at the hearing and listened to all the repeated requests for delays, postponements,etc. …. Senator Blumenthal repeated and repeated his same delay and postpone mantra over and over…..When Senator Grassley finally had

36 Years Later

I’m writing this Blog to try to better understand a sexual ‘groping’ incident made by a female accuser against Brett Kavanaugh that supposedly occurred 36 years ago! At the time of the supposed incident Brett Kavanaugh was 17 years old and a High School student at an all-boys H.S. and He unequivically said he had no knowledge of the accuser or her supposed ‘groping’ story. The female accuser was 15 yrs old and went to an all-girls school. Brett Kavanaugh had never heard of this girl or her 36 yr. old story which was never brought up during his nomination

I call her ‘Joyless Behar’

Joyless Behar, said on the ‘View’ Wednesday “God forbid President Trump lives another 20 years”! Her vicious comment gushed out of her mouth in a frenzy and when she realized what she had just said she continued “I don’t wish the President ill…I really don’t…I just want him out”!! How generous of her! Yikes!! Then she really amazed me with her following comment: “If he lives another 20 years he could be like 105.”.Hold it, Joyless….President Trump is 72 years old….add 20..that’s 92…not 105! Joyless you’re 75 years old…in 20 years that makes it 95 …..not 108!! Her math, among

President Barack Obama & President Donald Trump

For decades there has been an American tradition that presidents would not verbally attack their predecessor!! But Obama is not one for tradition, especially American tradition! This past Friday morning former President Barack Obama tried to take credit for President Trump’s booming economy. In August 2018, 201,000 jobs were just added to the already amazing economy. Also just added to the economy in August 2018 were very low unemployment figures (3.9%)! President Trump has an amazing successful record since taking office of adding many outstanding features, such as: noteworthy tax reforms, upgraded Veteran’s Administration achievements, border walls to keep All

Brett Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court

This morning Chaos broke out at the opening hearings to confirm Judge Brett Cavanaugh, Conservative nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court! The Anti-Trump, Anti-GOP Democrats immediately started shouting protests, objections and trying to postpone proceedings! Democrats were being dragged out of the hearing by police! They were shouting “Stop Kavanaugh” and “Hell No, Kavanaugh”!! “Mob Rule” was loud and clear!! Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley (R-) very politely told the hearing committee that there was no reason to postpone the hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination….The hearings would go on as planned!! In my opinion, Anti-Trump Charles Schumer and his