My Thoughts on the NFL/NBA Outrage!

FLASH! When football or baseball fans go to a sports stadium they expect to be entertained at the event watching the game they love in a relaxed atmosphere. The day of a sports event always starts with the players and fans standing at attention and honoring our country, our flag and the beautiful National Anthem. This weekend turned a joyful sports event into a national disgrace when some of the players decided to have a protest at the fans’ expense. These players did not stand at attention while our American Anthem played. They sat on the field on their knee

Emmy Awards!

Sunday evening, Sept. 17th was the date of the 2017 Emmy Award show! I decided not to watch what I suspected would be a “hate President Trump and his supporters disaster.” Relying on my judgement I didn’t watch the show! Online, the next day I read all the details of the Emmy’s, the low TV rating and what I missed! Who would want to watch a show where presenters have nothing better to do than get in their best finery and act disrespectfully, laughing at embarrassing “unfuuny” jokes and comments against President Donald Trump. Examples: 1. Jane Fonda, who was

What Happened to Law and Order??

Protests around the country have become an important part of expressing “free speech” and expressing reactions to issues. Unfortunately, protests which were once peaceful and respectful are becoming more and more violent causing injuries, damage and destruction. This behavior does not solve the problems the protesters are expressing. It just causes rage, division, and more hate. This was the case Friday evening in St. Louis when a large crowd protesting the acquittal of a white police officer who had shot and killed a black man in 2011. Many of the angered protesters lost control and the event became a violent

Jemele Hill… Over the Top!!

A few days ago Jemele Hill, an employee at ESPN sports channel, made some very vicious, abusive, disrespectful and untrue remarks with regard to President Donald Trump! According to Jemele Hill, President Donald Trump is “a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists.” This remark is absolutely untrue and she offers no facts to back up her remarks. She went on by saying: “President Trump is the most offensive President of her lifetime and he’s alsolutely a Bigot.” Wow! she’s on a real hate roll now! As if that’s not enough, she continues, saying that “President


In 2012, when former President Obama couldn’t get approval for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) as a law, he went ahead and issued the program as an Executive Order which allowed about 800,000 children to stay in America! However, this was not a permanent decision. Now DACA is being challenged, claiming the program is not a law and therefore illegal. DACA is now on hold for six months in it’s original form and, in my opinion, must be made into a Law ASAP! These children grew up in America with American values and now as young adults are working