Another Illegal Border Murder!

Ms. Pelosi, you did it again!! Another one of your ‘open border’ illegal immigration policies just caused a shooting in Calif. that killed a young police officer and left his 5 mo. old baby fatherless and his young wife a widow!! All for party politics which defied cooperation with Schumer and Pelosi to install strong southern borders AND border Walls so that American Citizens could live protected, safe and secure with no illegal interference!! President Trump has worked very hard to find common ground for the good of our Country and our Citizens but Schumer, the ‘little man’ with the

Border Security

Yesterday, Democratic leader Charles Schumer (NY) said, “A House-Passed spending bill providing $5.7 billion for a border wall and border security is dead-on-arrival in the Senate! Schumer continued, ”In order to reopen the Gov’t President Trump must abandon the wall, plain and simple”!! Schumer then said, Abandon your shut down strategy President Trump…… You are not getting the wall today, next week or on Jan.3rd when Democrats take control of the House”! Schumer said, “State Democrats would not support border-wall funding, period!! In my opinion, Charles Schumer’s a ‘small man’ with a very big ego.!!! President Trump has tried to

Tues. Dec. 11th White House meeting!

Tuesday Dec. 11th, President Trump invited Democrats Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to the White House to discuss cooperation and ways to secure our Borders! It’s time for Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to drop their blind opposition and work together with President Trump to keep our Country strong, protected and safe! Watching the White House meeting I was shocked at the rudeness shown to President Trump by Schumer and Pelosi!! In 2009 Schumer said “We must strengthen our borders with no Illegal immigration, and strong borders for the safety and well-being of all American citizens”!! In 2018 Schumer is totally

The ‘Blame Game’

In my opinion, Hillary Clinton has always been a victim of the ‘Blame Game’! She names everyone who she believes caused her to lose the 2016 election”!! “The truth is that Hillary did it all by herself!” It’s known as ‘poor choices’!! Comey’s not to blame, the DNC’s not to blame, Wisconson’s not to blame, Russia’s not to blame!! Only Hillary Clinton and her very selective memory for how she see things are ‘to blame’!!! With Hillary, truth’s become untruths -Examples: 1) Benghazi was not terrorism….Untrue 2) Her thousands of personal emails classified and unclassified were all lost….Untrue 3) Her

Border Wall Situation!!

Since taking office 2 yrs. ago, President Donald J. Trump has been doing an outstanding and successful job keeping America strong and safe including: A booming economy, high employment, very low unemployment, positive tax reforms, upgraded Veteran Administration reforms, 2 successful new Supreme Court Justices, ICE Agents working under difficult situations to keep Americans safe from illegal and criminal activities, etc. Unfortunately, since taking office President Trump has not received any cooperation from Democrats, social media, or fake news!!! Now that the Democrats control the House they have the opportunity to Unite and work together with President Trump and the

Nancy Pelosi Applauds Reverend Al Sharpton!

Democratic party Rep. Nancy Pelosi (d-Cal.) applauds Al Sharpton and thanks him for saving America by helping the Democrats win back the majority!! What a Surprise!! Who knew that the Mid-Terms were a referendum on Nancy Pelosi ?? However, I’m not too shocked to hear comments like this from Ms. Pelosi….It only reiterates how ‘out of touch’ the Democratic leadership has become!! Nancy Pelosi comments : We’re going to be visionary, we’re going to be unifying, we’re going to be healing, we’re going to be transparent in how we do this! We’re going to be respectful of other views” Ms.

Mid-Term Elections

The Mid-Term elections are over!! The Senate remains Republican and President Donald Trump’s Presidency is stronger than ever. President Trump continues his successful Agenda: a booming economy, very high employment, very low unemployment, tax reforms, Veteran administration reforms, plans going forward for safe and strong borders, ICE agents working at difficult jobs to protect Americans from illegal and criminal activities! etc. The Democrats won the House by only a slim margin and In my opinion, they will use their newfound power for all it’s worth to make President Trump’s next two years even more negative, unpleasant and devious then Schumer,

Murder at “Tree of Life” Synagogue!

President Trump and First Lady Milania Trump arrived in Pittsburgh, Pa, this afternoon to pay their respects to the tragic victims of the worst anti-semitism attack and murder of innocent victims in U.S. history! Sadly, this tragedy has claimed 11 innocent lives!! Shooter Robert Bowers, 46 yr. old anti-semite, barged into the “Tree of Life” synogogue Saturday morning at Prayer services and murdered 11 innocent victims!! It was the worst anti-semite attack on a Jewish Community in U.S. history!! This crazed shooter Robert Bowers was screaming out “all Jews must die” as he was shooting!! At least 6 other people

I now call her “Queen Water’s and ‘Mob Rule’!!

Maxine Waters, also know as the Queen of Mob Rule, just gave her marching orders to her devoted ‘followers’, also known as ‘mob thugs’! Senate Majority Leader (R-Ky) was dining with his wife at Havana Restaurant in Louisville, Ky the other day when 4 men came charging into the Restaurant and the main aggressor slammed his fist on the Senator’s table screaming “Why don’t you get out of here? Why don’t you leave the entire country?” The ‘thugs’ then proceeded to grab Mitch McConnell’s doggie bag of leftovers and they chucked it out the door of the restaurant!! It seems

Maxine Waters!

In my opinion, Maxine Waters agenda consists of Resist, Obstruct, Delay, Oppose!! Ms Waters is totally Anti -Trump’ and her prime issues and activities include: trying to ‘Impeach’ President Trump since the day he took office and working at turning away President Trumps’ Cabinet members and Officials from restaurants, gas stations, dept. stores, etc. whenever she can find them and ban them!!! And For this she calls President Trump ‘Violent’.?? Maxine Waters has been actively ‘violent’, disrespectful, crude and rude to President Trump and his Cabinet members!! Her most important issues seem to consist of: Impeaching a successful President who