Maxine Waters!

In my opinion, Maxine Waters agenda consists of Resist, Obstruct, Delay, Oppose!! Ms Waters is totally Anti -Trump’ and her prime issues and activities include: trying to ‘Impeach’ President Trump since the day he took office and working at turning away President Trumps’ Cabinet members and Officials from restaurants, gas stations, dept. stores, etc. whenever she can find them and ban them!!!

And For this she calls President Trump ‘Violent’.?? Maxine Waters has been actively ‘violent’, disrespectful, crude and rude to President Trump and his Cabinet members!!

Her most important issues seem to consist of: Impeaching a successful President who has developed a booming economy, very high employment, very low unemployment(3.8%) for All Americans in less than 2 yrs. in office!! President Trump has also reformed our tax system, developed new Veterans Administration reforms, brought into the Supreme Court two new Justices, working on very positive Immigration reform, etc.

That’s why I’m going to cast my ballot for (R-Ca) Sen.Omar Navarro whose Agenda is very positive including many issues to end the “Mob Protests and Resistance by Democrats that are ‘dividing, destroying’ and ‘confusing’ our wonderful America!!

I look forward to a “United States of America”……Not the “Divided States of America”!

I look forward to inspiring hope for a Strong America, a Safe America, a Peaceful America and a Great United States of America for : ALL AMERICANS!!

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